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The Port Angeles Downtown Association is a Main Street Community. We represent over 200 Port Angeles Downtown Businesses.  Our mission:   To develop and promote a healthy and prosperous Downtown for Port Angeles, Washington.

The underlying premise of the Main Street approach is to encourage economic development within the context of historic preservation in ways appropriate to today's marketplace. The Main Street Approach advocates a return to community self-reliance, local empowerment, and the rebuilding of traditional commercial districts based on their unique assets: distinctive architecture, a pedestrian-friendly environment, personal service, local ownership, and a sense of community.


Why is downtown important?

Malls, discount centers and big box stores play an important role in our community, but downtown is much more than a shopping center.

Downtown Port Angeles is the area’s largest employer. As of Dec. 2012, approximately 1200 people worked downtown.

Downtown is the largest concentration of businesses in Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula. As of Dec. 2012, 188 businesses were located downtown.  15 businesses opened and 5 expanded in 2012.

Downtown businesses are independently owned and support local families who support local schools, churches, athletic groups and civic organizations; the things that make our community a home.

Downtown is a reflection of how our community sees itself. When businesses begin looking at possible locations, downtown is one of the first places they look for quality of life and vibrancy.

Downtown represents a significant portion of the community’s tax base. Sales tax, property tax, employment and business taxes all drive our city and help to support the infrastructure businesses and residents need.

Downtown is our areas most dominant shopping center and includes unique shopping and service opportunities not found in malls, shopping centers or big box stores.

Downtown is the historic core of Port Angeles. From the Port Angeles Cooperative Colony, to Sluicing the Hogback to former City Halls and a Carnegie Library building, downtown highlights our heritage.

Downtown represents a vast amount of public and private investment. The cost of infrastructure and buildings could never be spent today to recreate what is already here.

Downtown is a major tourist draw. Visitors want to experience communities and cultures in an authentic setting. As a portal to Canada with unique shopping and dining experiences, downtown Port Angeles has stayed true to its roots. There is no other downtown like it in the world!

Downtown provides a sense of community and place. It is a familiar, welcoming place, a symbol of shared experiences and common memory. It is recognizable as the heart and soul of our community.


Downtown Port Angeles will be an active and attractive place in an incredible environment – a historic city where the mountains meet the sea. The district will support the community with high quality arts and sciences, cultural activities, shops and recreation. It will exemplify the quality of “small town life.”

Downtown will define the image and character of the community and be an inviting, historic, restored neighborhood – a pleasant place that is pedestrian friendly, clean, safe and beautifully landscaped, serving as the Gateway to adventure.

Historic buildings will be maintained and utilized. The district will have a sustainable economic base featuring locally owned businesses providing excellent customer service. Downtown will serve as a tax revenue generator to support the entire community. The district will provide a “24-hour presence” with an interesting and vibrant mix of art, retail, office, restaurant, residential and entertainment opportunities. There will be an expanded, year-round tourism season based on the tremendous historic, cultural, environmental, and maritime assets. Historic experiences for tourists will be provided, including restoration of the underground. Additional attractions, such as an aquarium, performing arts center, and closed off alley, will be created. Through new events and activities, downtown will be more welcoming and festive.  Activities will have an emphasis on the uniqueness of the Pacific Northwest and tie the downtown and waterfront together. A thriving public market will be a focal point of the district. The Port Angeles Downtown Association will work with the City and other community groups in a spirit of cooperation and unity of vision and purpose to achieve desired goals. By working together, the district will remain the “face and heart” of the community--a great place to visit and a great place to live.


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PO Box 582
Port Angeles, WA 98362

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Our volunteer Board of Directors thanks you!




Young Johnson, President

H2O Waterfront Bistro

Marilyn Parrish, Vice Pres
Peninsula Daily News

Lon Riggs, Secretary
Naval Elks Lodge, Port Angeles

Eric Brown, Treasurer
Brown's Outdoors

Angela Oppelt
Next Door Gastropub

Robert Utz

Red Lion Hotel

Edna Petersen

Necessities and Temptations

Mike Nimmo

Port of Port Angeles

Bruce Erlwein

Heritage Underground Tours

Marie McKeen

New Moon Craft Tavern

Cory Darling

Metta Room

Todd Fischer

Member at Large


Richard Stephens

Office Manager




The Port Angeles Downtown Association is comprised of five committees devoted to the revitalization of Downtown through the Main Street approach. Each committee has specific responsibilities and activity plans that comprise the work plan for the association.


  • Design/Economic Development enhances the unique visual qualities of downtown by addressing elements that create an appealing physical environment. Good design helps create the physical image of the downtown as a quality place to shop, work, walk, invest in and live. Design improvements result in a reinvestment of public and private dollars to downtown. 

  • Organization builds consensus and cooperation between the many individuals and groups who have a role in the vitality of our downtown. Everyone must work together and a strong organization provides the stability to build and maintain a long-term effort. 
  • Promotion creates excitement downtown. It reinforces and markets a positive image to customers, potential investors, new businesses, local citizens and visitors based on the unique attributes of a downtown district. 
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