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Olympic Visions, the mural at the Conrad Dyer Fountain is being repainted. True to the spirit of the Olympic Peninsula, a vampire and 2 werewolves are hiding in the mural, this is one of them, can you find where he is, and then locate the werewolves?


Twilight Sites:

Bella Italia ~ 118 East First St. 
Site of Bella & Edward’s First date

Lincoln Theater ~ 132 E. First St.
Bella & her friends watch movies here

Odyssey Bookshop ~ 114 W. Front St.
Bella buys books, pins, mugs here
(360) 457-1045
Fax: (360) 417-0467
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Port Book & News ~ 104 East First St.
Bella buys books, postcards & t-shirts here
(360) 452-6367
Fax: (360) 452-6386
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Black Diamond Bridal ~ 109 E. First St.
Bella’s unofficial ‘Official Prom Shop’
 (360) 452-2354
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Peninsula Daily News ~ 305 W. First St.
The newspaper featured in the movies

The Alley ~ between First and Front  Streets
Behind Bar N9ne & Baxter’s Auto
Where Edward saved Bella

Olympic Visions Mural ~ at the Fountain
A vampire and two werewolves are hidden here

Twilight Sold Here:

Olympic Stained Glass ~ 112 N. Laurel St.
Charms, charm bracelets & crystals

Twisted ~ 108 East First St
Official Fan Club T-shirts

Cottage Queen ~ 119 W. First St.
Custom T-shirts, posters, life size characters
Necessities & Temptations ~ 217 N. Laurel St.
Crystals, postcards, books, T-shirts
(360) 457-6400
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What’s In Store ~ 115 E. Railroad The Landing Mall
Clothing, mugs, key chains, magnets, shot glasses

Bay Variety ~ 135 W. First St.
Shirts, posters, key chains, postcards
(360) 457-5200
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Captain T’s ~ 124 W. Railroad Ave.
Key chains, buttons & anything custom you want
(360) 452-6549
Fax: (360) 452-0884
Toll Free: 1-800-462-8593
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Waterfront Gallery ~ 120 W. First St.
Art works of some Twilight locations
(360) 452-8165
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Michael’s Seafood & Steakhouse ~ 117B E. First St.
The perfect underground vampire hideaway
(360) 417-6929
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Olympic Stationers ~ 122 E. Front St.
Books, calendars, area maps, postcards

Peak’s Brew Pub ~ 130 S. Lincoln St.
House brewed Twilight Red Beer
(360) 452-2802
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Golden Crafts Shop ~ 112 C S. Lincoln St.
Handmade, one of a kind twilight items

Aglazing Art Studio ~ 207 W. First St.
Paint your own Twilight souvenir

Twilight on the Olympic Peninsula--Everything You Want to Know

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'Twilighters' Put Small Town in the Spotlight
New York Times - New York,NY,USA
Vampire seekers also venture into the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park to experience lush moss-draped woods of the sort that Bella and Edward wander ...


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